Shakuhachi Tuner & Sound Color Analyzer (Download Free)

The Shakuhachi Tuner & Sound Color Analyzer is a great bit of software that you can download free. While it was created specifically for shakuhachi makers, it can be configured for several other types of wind instrments.

This tool records sound from a microphone attached to your computer and graphs each component of frequency using the Fast Fourier Transform method. The tool also includes an audio tuner. It displays pitch on an analog meter and corresponding note-name including a finger chart of any desired length of flute. It is also convenient for notation conversion between the traditional Kinko and Tozan notation systems.

This software was developed for shakuhachi makers by Mr.Tastuaki Kuroda. Recently, he and Mr. Shigeo Tachibana worked together to create an English-language version which is enhanced for players as well as makers. Downloads are available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

Software includes:

-Sound color analyzer based on FFT with memory-Multi poupose auto tuner-Sound volume meter-Fingering chart of Shakuhachi (Tozan style and Kinko style), Shinobue, Ocarina, Western flute-Midi sound for tuning-Available in English language or Japanese