Shigeo Tachibana Kinko & Tozan Shakuhachi Master

Shigeo Tachibana , graduated with a Master's degree from Tozan style music,studying under Narita Rokuzan.The versatile Mr. Tachibana continued studies on the shakuhachi in the classical Kinko style and Huke music (formaly known as Zen music) from Master Kifu Mitsuhashi ,one of the most prominent shakuhachi performers in Japan. Mr.Tachibana has won numerous competitions demonstarting his expertize on the shakuhachi. These competitions included the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Network) contests, where he was given distinction in both modern and traditional forms of shakuhachi music , the "Breeze" Young Musicians Competition, "Zenkoku Hougaku" competition, nationally broadcast by NHK.
Up Comming Workshop
Sample shukuhachi music "Huke" 
Composed by Shigeo Tachibana 
2.8 shukuhachi made by Monty H.Levenson
Contact :

           Shakuhachi Grand Master

     2-14-6 Kurosuna-dai, Inage-ku, Chiba-Shi
           Chiba , Japan    263-0041

           email : tachibana723(at mark)gmail.com...Please substitute @ for (at mark) 
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